Arthritis and dry joints: what is the difference, how are they treated for these diseases

Arthritis, dry joints, polyarthritis and polyarthritis, rheumatism - all of these diseases are joint diseases of a rheumatic nature. In a way, they are close, although there are differences. In the case of a rheumatoid injury, multiple systems are injured at the same time: heart, pulse, nerves, lungs, skeletal muscle. Among joint diseases, osteoarthritis is more common than others. Let's take a closer look at the difference between dry joints and arthritis.

Arthritis and degenerative joint disease - what it is

What are the symptoms to differentiate arthritis from dry arthritis

Arthritisis ​​a joint disease caused by inflammation, in which the body synthesizes enzymes involved in the destruction of cartilage and connective tissue.

Osteoarthritisis ​​a disease, the cause of which lies in an irreversible process that destroys cartilage, thinning it. These diagnoses differ in that arthritis is an inflammatory disease. The cause of joint disease lies in the mechanical damage and metabolic disorder in the background of age-related changes or the influence of some other factors.

When discussing the difference between osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis, you need to familiarize yourself with the symptoms that accompany each diagnosis and treatment for each one.

Symptoms of disease

With arthritis, the following symptoms will appear:

  • joint pain does not go away even in a calm state;
  • hyperthermia in the pain syndrome area;
  • congestion and edema in the affected joint tissue area;
  • is ​​weather dependent;
  • deformed joints, salt deposits can be seen;
  • freezes the limbs;
  • numb hands and feet, especially in the morning.

With joint disease, the development of slightly different symptoms is noted:

  • even with a slight load on joint tissue (walking, raising arms, leg curls at knees). However, at rest the joint does not experience pain;
  • temperature increases in the painful area;
  • stiffness or complete absence of motor activity;
  • depends on weather.

To some extent, the symptoms are similar, the only difference is that the pain on the background of joint disease appears only when the joint tissue is affected, and against the background of arthritis, thepain constantly occurs, even with complete rest. If you do not start treatment for cartilage damage, the risk of immobile joints is high. With an inflammatory process in the cartilaginous tissues, it is difficult to move, but pain can still be overcome.

Differences in therapy

The essence of joint therapy is to remove factors that lead to changes in the cartilage of joint tissue. With such a disease, the intake of hormonal drugs, vitamin complexes besides the main therapy is indicated.

treatments for arthritis and joint disease

Long term treatment (about 3 months) is recommended with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers to relieve pain. Unable to completely cure the disease, you will have to regularly carry out supportive treatment to make the cartilage tissues in the appropriate condition, the destructive processes cease.

For arthritis, therapy includes the removal of inflammation in the affected joint. For this purpose, the patient is prescribed antibiotics, NSAIDs, analgesics and hormonal agents in the form of a long course.

The symptoms of arthritis and joint disease are different, the focus of treatment is also different. The essence of osteoarthritis treatment is to preserve joint cartilage and prevent further destruction and restore nutrition to the cartilage. The primary task in the treatment of arthritis is to eliminate inflammation in the infected area, restore metabolic processes in the connective tissue of the joint.

Alternative treatments for dry joints and arthritis

Alternative medicine can be used for these diseases only after drug treatment or concomitant drug therapy. If you ignore traditional medicine, it will be full of negative consequences.

Traditional drugs will give results if you stick to the regimen and use the product for a long time (up to 6 months).

The following folk remedies will help treat arthritis and arthritis:

  1. Chicken eggs.Take 2 eggs, beat them, add resin and ammonia in equal amounts. We mix everything, use the mixture to massage the affected joints for up to 5 days.
  2. Propolis.Grind propolis to powder, add oil (100 g), cook in a water bath. Rub in the composition has been heated until the liquid is completely absorbed.
  3. You bastard.Mix the same amount of hellebore powder with honey, add oil with mustard powder (ratio 2: 1). I mix all of them, boil the water, leave in the dark for 7 days. Before using the product, we heat and massage the affected joint area. We wrap it with something warm, wool if possible.
  4. Flying leaves.5 bay leaves pour a cup of boiling water, cook over low heat for about 1 hour. We use the resulting liquid throughout the day in small sips.
  5. Garlic.Take garlic and olive oil (in a ratio of 10: 1). Chopped garlic and mixed with oil. We use 1/2 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach. Such a remedy will not help cure arthritis and dry joints, however, it perfectly relieves pain and improves nutrition in the tissues.

Actions for Arthritis and Arthritis Prevention

The main goal of treatment is to preserve healthy joint tissue, so the precautions for these diseases are nearly the same.

prevents the development of arthritis and dry joints

For prevention, you need:

  • proper nutrition and diet;
  • diagnosis of
  • by annual doctor;
  • does not overload joints;
  • removes addiction;
  • alternates physical activity with mental work;
  • if you are a bit suspicious of developing joint problems, you should consult a specialist;
  • use elastic band or wrist strap when stretching;
  • take a mixture of vitamins and minerals twice a year;
  • with a diagnosed disease, in order to prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to undergo a course of NSAID treatment twice a year.

Diet for joint diseases is both the right nutrition and the prevention of weight gain or the elimination of existing excess weight to reduce joint stress.

The treatment of dry joints and arthritis is equally difficult and lengthy and will not be completely cured. If you approach therapies, preventive measures correctly, perform therapeutic exercises, adhere to a diet, you can cure your symptoms, but complete recovery of cartilage. is impossible.

A list of similarities and differences

How are these diseases similar:

  1. Affected joint tissue.
  2. The precautions are the same.
  3. The same is true for gymnastics.
  4. Identical features.
  5. There was hyperthermia, swelling, and congestion in the affected area.

What are the different diseases:

  1. Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease, the degenerative joint process is a degenerative process of the joint based on age-related changes.
  2. Development of arthritis is possible at any age, joint disease affects only the elderly.
  3. Inflammation in arthritis is localized in joint tissue, but infects various body organs and systems. Arthritis affects only one area.

It is impossible to completely cure these diseases. It is only capable of eliminating symptoms, slowing down cartilage destruction, weakening inflammation and reducing painful manifestations.

Joint exercise and arthritis

These diseases will bother you to a milder degree, the symptoms will decrease with complex daily exercise 2 times / day. This implies doing exercises that are capable of affecting the affected area, not overloading it, but helping to stretch and warm. Any exercise should start with a neck warm-up. Then you need to move to your shoulders, arms, and gradually to your legs. After warm-up, you can start to do some gymnastics.

The localization of the affected area is determined by how you need to affect it. To do this, you can rely on the help of smooth spinning movements, smooth circular swipes, flexion and expansion of the arms and legs, leading them in different directions, pinching, clap.