How to treat genital warts at home with exercise, diet, and massage

How to treat degenerative cervical vertebrae

Cervical fibroids have been linked to metabolic disorders in the neck, worsening the condition of muscles and vertebrae.

To prevent the development of the disease, doctors recommend synchronous use of remedies, including drug treatment, various exercises, nutritional correction, massage, physical therapyWhether.

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The first thing to remember in case of cervical necrosis is to prohibit any physical activity on the neck during an exacerbation of the disease. Only when the disease starts to get better will it be allowed to gradually introduce small-scale exercises. When the condition improves, the load can be increased.

The average length of a group of exercises is 10 minutes. All movements should be performed in the absence of pain. Smooth and soft muscle loads alternate with relaxation. It is advisable to repeat daily complex exercises. Starting position for each exercise: standing or sitting, position should be upright.

Main exercise group:

  • Gently bend your ear to your right shoulder. Place the right palm on the left temple. Now slowly return your head to its normal position, using your hands to support it lightly. There shouldn't be any pain. Repeat the exercise in the other direction.
  • Try to touch your chin to your collarbone. In the fully straightened position, linger for 2-5 seconds.
  • Tilt your head down, fold your arms, and place them behind your head. Try to bring your head to the forward position with your hands against it. Do not crush your head with your hands. The duration of one approach is 5-10 seconds.
  • Each exercise should have 10 repetitions. This complex is suitable for preventing bone necrosis and restoring neck mobility during remission. Regular exercise will tone your weakened muscles.

How to treat cervical spinal tumors at home with a diet

Nutritional adjustment during cervical bone destruction should be towards cartilage tissue repair.

The following foods and nutrients should be included in the diet for osteonecrosis:

Nutritional adjustment for cervical spondylolisthesis
  • chondroprotectors were found in sufficiently large quantities in aspic, gelatin and agar-agar;
  • Calcium can be obtained from dairy products, legumes, lettuce, and almonds. Remember that vitamin D is required for the high quality assimilation of this mineral;
  • manganese can be obtained from onions, legumes, egg yolks, cheese, and nuts;
  • butter, sunflower seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds are sources of magnesium, which are essential for the stable functioning of the whole organism;
  • Phosphorus
  • is ​​perfectly absorbed by the body from fish, soybeans, peas, bran and cabbage;
  • B vitamins are found in legumes, dairy products, and nuts;
  • Vitamin A comes from raw eggs, pumpkins, melons and carrots;
  • vitamin C can be obtained from all citrus fruits and a wide variety of fruits;
  • Vitamin D is most easily obtained when you walk in the sun. Our body produces it. On cloudy days and in winter, it is better to add egg products, algae and sea fish to the diet.

In order for your body to be provided with all the necessary nutrients, during recovery, you need to diversify your diet. In addition to the listed ingredients of the diet, large amounts of fluids, namely purified water, must be included in the diet for osteonecrosis. Doctors recommend replacing all tea and coffee drinks with non-carbonated water.

It is advisable to remove salty foods from your diet, preferably to switch to a salt-free diet. Salt disrupts the supply of nutrients to cells, which is very dangerous during bone necrosis.

Sugar and sweets are also banned, except for honey only. Such foods disturb the metabolism in the discs.

Canned foods, semi-finished products, carbonated drinks and tonics - all of these are strictly prohibited for cervical necrosis. These foods remove calcium from the bones, causing complications of the disease.

Home treatment of degenerative vertebrae at home with massage

Professional massage for cervical bone tumors is an effective element of complex therapy for the disease. Systemic massage therapies can relieve or eliminate pain and cramps. By stimulating certain areas of the cervical spine, blood circulation in the affected area of ​​the spine is normalized.

self-massage for the treatment of cervical bone necrosis

There are 3 types of massage:

  • Neck massage.
  • In place.
  • Self-massage.

Stimulating the collar area is considered to be the most effective. A person acting like a masseur begins the procedure with gentle massage movements. Next, you need to draw the veins of the palms along the spine to the chest, which have worked well on the enslaved areas. The final stage of the massage process is a circular circular motion.

Massage reflexology aimed at some points. The practice is rooted in Chinese medicine. A good analgesic effect in osteoarthritis of the neck provides pressure on the following points:

  • below occipital for 5 - 20 seconds;
  • remove 2 fingers from the mastoid manipulation and press for 5-10 seconds;
  • remove 3 fingers from the first point and press for 5-10 seconds;
  • finds the 7th vertebra and puts pressure on it.

Self-massage is similar to a collar-stimulating technique, only in this case a person massaging himself without outside assistance. The advantage of this method is pain and pressure control.

Combining all the treatments for genital warts will quickly achieve good therapeutic results. To minimize the risk of exacerbations, doctors recommend regular exercise, nutrition, and self-massage.