treatment of osteoarthritis

Arthritis is joint destruction due to several reasons. The doctor says: degenerative changes in the joints. While osteoarthritis can affect all joint tissues, including cartilage. In advanced cases of arthrosis of the joint summit of significant changes are visible to the naked eye. In the case of arthrosis of the joints with severe form of the disease may lose its effectiveness, and will be disabled.


The most obvious symptom of osteoarthritis is pain, the slightest movement, sometimes even the other. However, this extreme degree of development of osteoarthritis. The first, the disease manifests itself, sensitive. It is important not to let these alarm bells: strength, stiffness, difficulties in the work, the common full amplitude. For example, it is impossible to bend and straighten the knee, until the end.

Also the development of osteoarthritis misleading muscle clamps, characteristic crunch when you move, swelling in the affected joint. For example, if the shoulder arthritis visible swelling of the patient's shoulder. Symptom of osteoarthritis the last stage, it's hard to hide. The joint is deformed, loses its efficiency as well as anatomical changes have been obvious.


To provoke joint inflammation in joints can be many factors:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, pathology of the immune system, the endocrine system and the lymphatic system. These diseases lead to metabolic disorders. A devastating event starts, if the joint loses the nutrients to build its own tissues.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system can also lead to osteoarthritis. Weak kidneys to clean the blood. It seems the chronic inflammation. The patients with kidneys are diagnosed, especially arthrosis of the hip, knee joints.
  • Increased physical activity. For example, athletes, workers. In such cases, often shoulder osteoarthritis.

In accordance with a provocative factor for osteoarthritis:

  • idiopathic, or primary. This is the diagnosis when you find out the cause, which is difficult due to disease.
  • secondary. In this case, just determining the cause of osteoarthritis, you can install the basic disease. The doctor has to efforts not only relieving the symptoms, but the proper metabolic processes to carry out rehabilitation after joint injuries, leading activities to keep the endocrine, and the immune system.
  • if the disease affects more joints of poly arthritis. Also referred to as a disease, which is the deformity of the joint reach a high level. Usually affects the coupled joints: the knee (gonarthrosis) and hip (coxarthrosis).

Osteochondrosis is perhaps the greatest, because of the osteoarthritis. When displaced vertebrae and intervertebral discs the wrong buffer, to compensate for the load on the joints. The increased pressure in the joints of suffers. The first damaged hip bone. Arthrosis in this case, it makes sense to treat as the spine.

The arthrosis is diagnosed more often in older patients, where emergence of various diseases is the accumulation of negative factors. Especially women in menopause the hormonal balance is added. Besides, the body lacks the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This background, experience, various diseases of the joints. The aging body can no longer cope with the strain, and the accumulated injuries. As a result, get arthritis.

A significant role in the appearance of osteoarthritis plays a overweight. Overweight creates excessive stress to the spine, joints, to wear them ahead of time.

The clinics for the treatment of osteoarthritis, whereas overweight, administered a bio thread on the weight loss. On this basis, the supervision of the doctor to help that part of the excess weight without diet and exercise. In elderly patients, the patient's joints of patients with endocrine disorders, maybe the only way to get rid of the excess fat without plastic surgery.


if the osteoarthritis

In the first stage of osteoarthritis the pain only appears after noticeable physical tests that are not typical of the normal life. Externally, the joints look like the healthy. The second stage of the arthrosis of the joints typical of more intense episodes of joint pain, muscle cramps in the extremities, limiting the movement.

In the case of arthrosis of the joints 2 degrees , the x-ray will show the depletion of cartilage tissue and on the surface - joint – a bony process of the affected area. Only the initial 2 degree of arthrosis of the patient first, I think, is that you need a visit to the doctor. Fortunately, at this stage, arthritis can be effectively treated!

The third stage of osteoarthritis pain becomes chronic: not subside, the movement of the other. The third degree of osteoarthritis do not require additional tests, the deformation of the joint visible to the naked eye. This form of arthritis the risk of a complete loss of joint mobility. Usually prescribed implantation of the prosthesis instead of the destroyed community.


The treatment of osteoarthritis it is important to ensure the true origin of joint pain, the correct diagnosis.

For example, arthritis, or osteoarthritis, is a very similar clinical picture. Arthritis, as osteoarthritis is concerned about limited movement, pain. But any disease requires a fundamentally different approach.

Arthritis (unlike osteoarthritis) in the inflammatory in nature. Different moxibustion effective for the treatment of osteoarthritis, and arthritis – is strictly contraindicated!

Arthrosis and arthritis constant attention and require a doctor. If you think that it's enough if I know the diagnosis – you're wrong. You cannot rely on the advice of the apothecary, but even more the advertising. Dosage of the medications to control doctor.

Don't forget that. Without drugs compliance with dosing duration, without monitoring of the dynamics and control of the general condition, the body attacks the kidneys or exacerbate the course of osteoarthritis.

There is no year that the medicines or every six months, to raise the blockade, the painkillers. Arthrosis and severe form, treatment of the author's system without the prosthesis and operations.

Don't get me wrong! Pharmaceutical preparations against osteoarthritis does not bring the desired effect. With the passage of time, the need to increase the dose. It is necessary to set the system disturbances in the body.

Treatment of osteoarthritis should be directed to the stimulation of regenerative processes, the growth of new, healthy cells in the cartilage worn, to replenish the synovial fluid in the joint. The only way to return the community to a functioning form. The pain goes away by itself.


Don't be the destructive process in the joints, of course, is easier in the initial stages of the development of arthrosis. Therefore, it is important to rush to the doctor, the first symptoms! If degenerative process deep struck joints will require longer overall treatment of osteoarthritis. Otherwise, arthritis will remind myself constantly.