How to treat osteoarthritis of the knee

knee arthritis

Walking and running seem to be very simple and natural actions until a person is faced with musculoskeletal system diseases. Such illnesses greatly reduce the patient's quality of life - actions previously available are now difficult or even impossible.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is one of the most common diseases leading to loss of freedom of movement. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, according to statistics shows that 50% of people in the pre-retirement age, one way or another, have common diseases, so it is necessary to know what degenerative knee disease is. p>

Principle of healing

In order to receive proper treatment, a qualified diagnosis of knee joint disease is required, including:

  • medical history;
  • check for deformed knee;
  • X-ray test results;
  • tests for blood and urine.

It is important to learn how to treat a knee effusion carefully, as self-medicating with the help of pain relievers will not bring the desired results. For healing, it is necessary to have a synthetic approach, including a combination of pharmaceuticals, diet and physical therapy procedures. Treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee is indicated individually, taking into account the clinical profile of each patient.

Recommended pharmacy

To treat osteoarthritis of the knee, doctors prescribe a number of drugs with different effects.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory

Preparations of this group are used for pain relief and arthritis. After the pain subsides, you can start with physical therapy. Drugs of this group are not allowed to be used for a long time, to avoid giving the false impression that the pathology is being successfully cured, and in the meantime, the progression of the disease can continue. When taking NSAIDs, it should be noted that all drugs have a number of contraindications and side effects.

Slow acting symptom medicine

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are the most effective drugs in the treatment of gonarthrosis, as they nourish the cartilage tissue and restore the structure of joint cartilage, improving joint fluid production. In the third stage of the disease, the drug has no effect, as the cartilage is destroyed. In the first phase, the drug gives positive results if used for a long time. To guide the healing process, to get remarkable results, you need to undergo 2 treatments, which take at least 6 months.

Injecting hyaluronic acid into the joint is also used. Treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee with hyaluronic acid drugs is done according to a protocol: 4 injections into the joint of each knee. The maximum interval between injections is 2 weeks. You can reapply after 6 months.


injection to treat knee joint disease

There is another way to treat gonarthrosis with an injection.

An advanced treatment that quickly and effectively restores and strengthens cartilage tissue and joints between joints. This method is widely used in sports medicine.

This method is called plasmolifting and involves injecting the patient's plasma into the joint.

Before the procedure, it is imperative to pass all necessary tests and undergo instrumental diagnosis. Also, 5 days before the procedure, you should follow a diet prescribed by a specialist.

Ointments and creams

Ointments and healing creams can't cure knee joint problems, but they can relieve pain in the knee joint. Warming ointments are the most effective and can improve circulation.

Compression cure

The suppository has a stronger therapeutic effect than the ointment.

Manual therapy

Usually, after a few sessions, patients notice significant positive changes. It is desirable that, along with manual therapy, the patient must take symptomatic medications, as well as injections as indicated in the joints.

In stages 1 and 2 of a knee effusion, manual therapy can bring about a significant improvement in the course of treatment.

Surgical treatment of arthritis

With the help of surgical interventions, it is possible not only to eliminate the painful symptoms of knee disfigurement, but can also influence the cause of the development of the pathology.

There are 4 flexible actions for getting rid of dry joints:

  • Puncture.The treatment process allows you to quickly remove excess joint fluid, reduce inflammation and restore joint mobility.
  • Arthroscopy.Modern approach is used for grade 2 arthropathy. The purpose of the operation is to remove the remnants of damaged cartilage tissue. The intervention is performed endoscopically using thin surgical instruments and a micro camera inserted into the joint.
  • Osteotomy.Surgery involves amputating the patient's bone and fixing it at a different angle to reallocate the load. This method is recommended for diagnosed grade 1 and 2 joint diseases
  • Endoscopic medicine.A complex surgery is indicated for patients if they are diagnosed with grade 3 gonarthrosis. During surgery, a prosthesis is placedto simulate the knee joint.

With the help of a prosthetic, it is possible to restore the patient's motor functions, but such a surgery means a long recovery time.

Conservative method

Surgery is not always appropriate and is feasible in the treatment of arthritis. Many patients use conservative treatments and get a clear positive.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

Recommended physical therapies for the treatment of gonarthrosis include:

  • Shock wave therapy.A device that emits radial sound waves acting on the affected joint. As a result, the blood supply to the diseased joint improves and the anti-deformation process begins.
  • Muscle stimulation.Insignificant electrical impulses affect diseased joints and surrounding muscle tissue. Thanks to the procedure, it is possible to increase joint mobility during an illness and the stamina of physical activity. Myostimulation also helps in pain relief.
  • Photoelectricity.Incorporates ultrasonic action into the joint and drug administration. Ultrasound warms the tissues of the knee joint, significantly increases the rate of drug absorption.
  • Ozone therapy.Ozone reduces inflammation and acute pain. This method avoids steroid use or significantly reduces their dosage.
  • Laser therapy.
physical therapy for knee joint disease

Laser treatment is considered as one of the most effective modern methods in treating genital warts due to a number of advantages:

  • During the first session, the inflammation disappeared.
  • Feel the pain as quickly as possible.
  • During surgery, due to the beam of light shining on the tissues of the diseased joint, chemotherapy takes place, the metabolism in the cells surrounding the affected joint increases.
  • No reduction in physical activity is required during treatment.
  • Increases blood circulation, allowing cells of diseased tissue to be eliminated.
  • Prevents the entry of infection into the wound.
  • Normal functioning of the cartilage tissue cells is restored, cartilage growth is activated.

Campaign therapy

Kinetic therapies for joint disease include:

  • Physiotherapy- daily exercise program developed by a physiotherapist, allowing you to restore the mobility of a lost joint.
  • Massage- ideal treatment for patients with contraindications to excessive physical activity.
  • Mechanical therapy- treatment using a special vibration simulator.
  • Joint expansion- Mechanical expansion of the lumen, allowing to delay cartilage destruction and avoid bone fusion.

Using a stick is an option. Patients can use a walking stick to aid in treatment. The club is subject to one third of the joint load. The cane must be chosen correctly, taking into account the patient's height. To make the right choice, you need to be upright with your arms swept down. Next, you need to measure the distance from your wrist to the ground.

When buying a stick, pay attention to the end of it, which must have a rubber tip to avoid slipping.

Traditional medicine

folk remedies for osteoarthritis treatment

A proven method to prevent the development of arthritis is to use gelatin, a substance with a consistency similar to fluid around a joint.

To do this, the gelatin is mixed with water in a 1: 3 ratio. After one hour of swelling, the mass is heated, not reaching boiling, applied into a thick layer on the fabric, as musclefacility for compression. After warming, the compression bandage is held over the knee for 7 hours.

The process to achieve the desired effect took place in 3 months.

Safe folk remedies for osteoarthritis include applying honey, wrapping and massaging. The effectiveness of using honey to get rid of knee joint deformity has yet to be proven, but this approach has a lot of followers.


When overweight, gonarthrosis should be treated, combined with weight removal. Losing weight reduces the load on sore knee joints. If necessary, you should consult a registered dietitian to ensure the fastest and safest weight loss possible. If diagnosed with gonarthrosis, with very significant obesity, surgery to remove excess weight is allowed.

To prevent osteoarthritis deformity, physical activity should be moderated. Also avoid excessive weight gain, hypothermia, comfortable shoes and swimming. It is difficult to give a definite answer to the question of whether knee effusion is cured, although from the above it can be concluded that in the early stages of the disease, all techniques are used. With modern treatment under the strict supervision of a doctor, the disease can completely cure.

What to do now

Statistics show that over 45% of people over 35 years old suffer from joint diseases! It all starts small: somewhere they lift weights, somewhere they just blow their necks. Joints are designed in such a way that the main problems begin to be arthritis, then cartilage softening occurs and consequently disability.

One important thing to keep in mind: arthritis will leave you in a wheelchair for less than 3 years! The disease progresses many times faster if you are overweight, as in this case the joints are subject to a double load.